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I invite you to spend few minutes reading a short story about one of the many thousands of people you helped Legal Aid of East Tennessee serve last year.

 A severely physically disabled woman who we will call “Joyce” lived in public housing. One evening, someone attacked her in the parking lot of her complex and stole her wallet. Joyce’s rent money was in the stolen wallet, which meant Joyce could not pay her rent on time that month. Joyce tried to make arrangements to pay the rent in installments; however, the apartment manager refused this offer and threatened to evict Joyce if she did not agree to get a representative payee to handle her Social Security payments. In other words, the manager arbitrarily decided Joyce should not be allowed to have control over her own money any longer. When Joyce refused, the manager made good on her threat. Joyce called Legal Aid, and we represented her in the eviction action. By the time the case went to trial, Joyce had paid the missing rent in full. Because she had the help of a Legal Aid lawyer, Joyce won the lawsuit and was allowed to stay in her home and retain the right to control her own money.

Like Joyce, thousands of the 315,000 East Tennesseans face problems that could be solved if they could afford to hire a lawyer. Help Legal Aid create more happy endings like Joyce’s in 2019 and beyond by making a donation today. We make it simple and easy for you to make a very powerful change in the lives of thousands of good, hard-working East Tennesseans. All it takes is a few minutes to write a check or to go online and donate at www.laet.org.

If you have given this year, thank you for your generosity! Please enjoy our Annual Report on Legal Aid’s work last year by clicking here.   If you have not yet donated, please consider the impact your gift of justice will make on the lives of East Tennesseans.


Sheri A. Fox, Executive Director



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If you need to contact Legal Aid of East Tennessee, you may call any of our other offices listed below:


607 W Summit Hill Dr. SW
Knoxville, TN 37902


535 Chestnut St., Ste. 360
Chattanooga, TN 37402
(423) 756-4013
Toll Free (800) 572-7457 

Johnson City

311 W. Walnut St.
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 928-8311
Toll Free (800) 821-1312


391 Broad St. NW, Suite 202
Cleveland, TN 37311
(423) 303-2266
Toll Free (800) 572-7457


307 Ellis Ave.
Maryville, TN 37801
(865) 981-1818


1001 W. 2nd North St.
Morristown, TN 37814
(423) 587-4850
Toll Free (800) 821-1309

Family Justice Center

(Family Violence Issues)
400 Harriet Tubman
Knoxville, TN 37914
(865) 215-6830

Family Justice Center

(Family Violence Issues)
5705 Uptain Road
Chattanooga, TN 37411
(423) 643-7600

Johnson City
Family Justice Center

(Family Violence Issues)
196 Montgomery St.
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 722-3720

Branch House
(Sullivan County)

Family Justice Center

(Family Violence Issues)
313 Foothills Dr
Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 574-7233

Health Law Partnership

(Erlanger Patients)
975 E. 3rd Street, Box #375
Chattanooga, TN 37403
(423) 778-7807

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

You may seek an Order of Protection if you are a victim of domestic abuse or violence.
Contact your county’s Circuit Court or General Sessions Court Clerk’s office.
You should also contact law enforcement.