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General Information

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Learn a little more about LAET in this brochure. It answers questions like: What does LAET do? Who can get help from LAET? What does it cost to get help from LAET? Where are LAET offices and how can you contact us?


In these hard economic times, foreclosure rates have hit national crisis levels. Families face foreclosure for many reasons, including the loss of one or more incomes, unexpected and uncovered major medical costs, and mortgage conditions that were not understood or properly explained. Help may come in the form of legal action obtaining justice by attacking predatory lending, enforcing contract language, or pursuing mitigation or other remedies. Help can also come in the form of an explanation of what is not possible and guidance as to what to do the next time.

Representing Yourself in General Sessions Court:

It can be intimidating, even scary to represent yourself in General Sessions Court, but it is possible to solve some legal matters without a lawyer. One of the functions of General Sessions Court is to resolve disputes involving relatively small amounts of money. Plaintiffs and Defendants need to understand how General Sessions can work for them.


Divorce is the legal conclusion of an important and emotionally charged relationship. It is far more complex than people anticipate, and not realizing something is an issue can result in permanent harm to the people involved. While this information does not replace a lawyer’s assistance, it can inform those taking part in divorce proceedings. Pro Se self-representation is an option for some people, as long as they thoroughly understand the procedures and pleadings required.

Orders of Protection:

Violence within our community, especially in area homes and between current or former intimate partners, continues to increase at epidemic rates. Domestic Violence is one of the primary causes of death among women. Abusers don’t get better and violence escalates without serious intervention. This cycle of violence continues when children learn to be abusers and victims by watching the behavior of the adults they love. Learn more about ending the cycle of violence here.

Mobile Homes:

Mobile homes carry special legal concerns different from a house or automobile. This brochure provides a great deal of information regarding your rights while purchasing a mobile home, moving a mobile home, renting a mobile home, and where you can legally put a mobile home. It is a must-read for those already living in a mobile home or considering getting involved with one.

Home Repairs:

The person you hire to do home-improvement work is called a contractor.  You could hire a contractor who has one or more special skills — a carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. If you have a big job, you might want a general contractor.  A general contractor usually hires other contractors (plumbers, electricians, etc.) to do different parts of the job. See Repair Remodel from above

Individual Rights Information

Información Sobre los Derechos Individuales

Juvenile Information

Información Juvenil

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