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Legal Aid of East Tennessee

Strengthening communities and changing lives through high-quality legal services

An East Tennessee where justice is a community value and no one faces a legal problem alone

Legal Aid of East Tennessee has been part of the community fabric for more than 52 years, serving 26 counties from Chattanooga to Johnson City.

With offices in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Knoxville, Johnson City, Maryville, and Morristown, Legal Aid provides civil legal representation to East Tennesseans who would otherwise have no one to help them secure their basic legal rights.

For many, we are the only link to legal assistance when faced with seemingly insurmountable dilemmas in civil matters. Legal Aid provides civil legal assistance to approximately 8,000 individuals each year. From gaining Orders of Protection for victims of domestic violence to preventing families from becoming homeless, the efforts of Legal Aid have ensured that thousands of low-income families in our community have been given a chance. But, there are thousands more to reach. With an estimated 300,000 eligible persons in our service area, our limited resources make it impossible to help everyone who needs us.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee, like most other legal services programs, began with the vast majority of its funding coming from the Legal Services Corporation, a federal agency that distributes funds to legal services organizations throughout the country. This federal funding has been drastically reduced over the years, and like so many other programs, Legal Aid felt the pressure to find other sources of funding to survive. We have worked diligently to diversify and strengthen our funding base to ensure that the elderly, victims of domestic violence and low-income families continue to receive civil legal assistance in the face of federal budget cuts. LAET now operates with more than 40 funding sources and a growing Annual Campaign for Justice that draws support from local bar associations and members of the community. Legal Aid of East Tennessee is constantly seeking new funding sources in a continuing effort to fulfill its ultimate goal … justice for all.


Keith Alley, Esq.

DeAnna Baxley

Ashley Bentley, Esq.

John H. Cameron, Jr., Esq.

Aaron Chapman, Esq.

Cheryl Crane

Amanda Dunn, Esq.

Laurietta Gibbs

Trey Harris, Esq.

Justin M. Huggins

Timothy Jones

Matthew Lyon, Esq.

Donald Mason, Esq.

April Morrison

Marshall H. Peterson, Esq.

Katherine Priester, Esq.

Stephanie Rogers, Esq.

Joseph C. Simpson, Esq.

Amy Kathleen Skelton, Esq.

Joanie Sompayrac, Esq., C.P.A.

Tammye Taylor, Esq.

Charles Wille

Penny White, Esq.

Heather S. Woolf


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