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Professor Charles Miller creates The University of Tennessee Legal Clinic.


The Knoxville Legal Aid Society, Inc. is incorporated as a program within the U.T. Legal Clinic receiving federal funding.


Federal funding increases to serve Blount, Loudon and Sevier counties. Legal Services Corporation adopts the Congressional minimum access goal of one attorney (plus support staff) per 5,000 eligible persons. Federal funding level reaches $205 million.


Federal funding increases to $321 million.


Federal funding cuts force KLAS staff reduction from 35 to 14 persons. Federal funding level drops to $241 million.


KLAS is only able to employ 18 people to serve the legal needs of 90,000 eligible persons. LSC funding equaled 87% of total KLAS funding.


Federal funding reaches $400 million.


Congress cuts LSC funding by an additional 25%. LAET maintains staffing levels by obtaining new grants. LSC funding equals 37% of total KLAS funding. Federal funding drops to $278 million.


Several years of LSC mandated “State Planning” resulted in LSC determining to fund fewer, but larger, programs across the country. Subsequently, the number of service areas in Tennessee is reduced from eight to four. This “reconfiguration” merges three former service areas in East Tennessee into Legal Aid of East Tennessee (formerly Knoxville Legal Aid Society) serving 26 counties.


The Family Justice Center opened in May of 2006 and provides free legal services to victims of domestic violence residing in Knox County, Tennessee.  The goal of this project is to work toward safety, permanency and stability for these clients.


Two years of increased federal funding of LSC brings the annual funding to $420 million. In order to equal 1980 Federal funding, LSC would need to be funded at $750 million (amount adjusted for inflation). This increase, plus Economic Recovery Act/Stimulus funding, allows LAET to increase staff size to the largest level since 1982.


The Medical Legal Partnership office opened at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga in January of 2012.  This office will serve medical patients who are referred by staff at Erlanger Hospital to address their related legal problems to the end that positive medical outcomes may be achieved by addressing the related legal issues.

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